Some 2019 Favorites (So Far)

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AceMo - All My Life
New York standout AceMo dropped off this one in January and it’s never left our rotation.

Anthony Naples - Fog FM
The Nowadays NYC resident imagined this project as a radio transmission from an unknown source. I see the vision, Anthony.

Bibio - Ribbons
Real build a yurt music. We gon light some palo santo to this.

Burna Boy, DJDS - Steel & Copper
LA’s DJDS and Nigeria’s Burna Boy linked up, ditch the island vibes and steel drums that populated their most recent releases and leaned fully into moody and subdued trap for one of our favorite short-runners of the year.

Denzel Curry - Zuu
The best love letter to Miami since Rick Ross first drove a Maybach.

Dj Python - Derretirse
Masterful. 33 minutes you could loop for 8 hours just fine. Deep reggaeton’s inventor moves the sound forward to a place all his own, and we’re just happy to be along for the ride.

Earth Boys - Mythic Music
The shamanistic production duo of Mike Sherburn and Julian Duron delivered one of our favorite tracks of 2018 with “Roll It Back” - here they build on the unpretentious sound laid out on eboys LP with another entry of jazzy and saxophone-laden house music.

Eris Drew - Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1
The first release on Eris and Octo Octa’s T4T LUV NRG label finds one of the best DJs alive breathing new life into old sounds and techniques for a fun and endlessly relistenable ode to all that’s good that came before.

Freddie Gibbs, Madlib - Bandana
An instant classic. Included here on the off off chance you haven’t listened to it. We know you have tho. Right?

Helado Negro - This Is How You Smile
A stunning album end to end. Unbeatable on a Sunday.

Jayda G - Significant Changes
Jayda G is one of the coolest people breathing and probably the literal only PhD-level environmental toxicologist who could make ya dance to conservation messages overtop field recordings of Orcas.

Kelsey Lu - Blood
Confirms what we’ve long suspected - Kelsey Lu is a capital “A” Artist.

Kornel Kovacs - Stockholm Marathon
Fun loving house with pop sensibilities, built for a daytime come up or a late nite come down. Why is Sweden so good at this?

Laurel Halo - DJ-Kicks
What more can ya say about Laurel Halo other than “Listen up!” - an absolutely essential entry into the DJ-Kicks series.

Nathan Micay - Blue Spring
The man formerly known as Bwana delivers world-building electronic (and an original manga set in the album’s fictional rave world, if you order the physical copy).

Nilufer Yanya - Miss Universe
“Tears” is an all-timer. This album is full of ‘em.

Quavius - Find Ready
The Lustwerk Music’s sophomore effort slumps not all and swaggers a whole lot. Swaying in the pocket.

The Japanese House - Good At Falling
A bit like what it might sound like if HAIM sold their guitars and bought synthesizers. In a good way.