Listen Up: Daisychain Podcast

Daisychain Podcast was started by Chicago resident Alicia “Leesh” Greco as a movement to showcase power, beauty, and strength of woman-identifying and nonbinary DJs and artists.

The weekly guest mix series - like the wiring scheme it draws its name from - is meant to form connections within a global network of trans and cis women and nonbinary folks - from all backgrounds, both within and beyond the queer community.

We fuckin’ love it. For a little over a year, the series has delivered stellar mix after stellar mix. We gathered a few of our favorites (and a bonus Leesh mix!) below.

Come see Leesh spin at our May event, on Saturday the 8th.

DJ Lady D

A bliiistering house mix from the Chicago legend.

Mindy Sherman

This playful mix from Mindy Sherman was my entry point to the series, one I revisit often.


Pulsating techno from Chicago’s own CDVR.


SOLD’s mixes are always a description-defying journey. Just trust on this one.


The global standout makes an open-and-shut case for her global standoutness.